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On a shoot

Hello my name is Robyn Edgbert and I enjoy the art of photography.  I have always loved taking pictures of family and friends and special places I have visited.  But I didn't venture into SLR photography until I realized that a point and shoot wasn't going to really capture the awesomeness of the island of Kauai where I honeymooned.

My father has always been a landscape and nature photo enthusiast so I followed his lead and purchased a used Canon AE1 as my first "real" camera.  I shot many, many rolls of film on that wonderful trip and even convinced my new husband to carry the heavy tripod and other accessories for me on our many hikes around the island.

I stepped away from SLR photography for a few years at the start of the digital age as I was unable to travel very much and spent the next period of time with simple digital point and shoot models.  I waited until the timing was right to justify a nice new digital SLR, waiting both on technology to advance as well as opportunities to actually take some pictures.

It was our second fur-kid which became the catalyst for a new camera as I wanted to capture much of his rapid growing up stages for the future.  I have since spent many hours behind the lens capturing other fur-kids and their human companions in various aspects of their lives.

Please feel free to contact me via the "Contact Form" at if you'd like me to shoot pictures of your fur-kid or other activities and events.  I reside in the great Pacific NW and have travelled from British Columbia, Canada to Oregon for shoots.